The Floor is a production collective of four (+1 p/t). Based in Durham, NC The Floor gathers people around the transformative power of electronic-based music, amplifies the talents of local DJs, and eludes formal structures of control to spark uninhibited creativity.


Brought to you, with love, by:

Morgan Haynes | Strider
Adam Graetz | thefacesblur
Marshall Jones 
Reneé Cagnina Haynes | Marie


Photos courtesy of Brian Livingstone


Strider, Founder

Spinning an eclectic mix of House, Tech, and Nu Disco, Strider cut his teeth on dance music in the late 90s before leaving his native NC for the sun and fun of Miami. Seeing some of the worlds best DJs, clubs, and parties, he gained an appreciation for what makes the floor move and the energy that can be generated by perfect strangers in kinetic syncopation. Co-founder and resident DJ of The Floor, Strider's mission behind the decks is simple: bring people together through the common bond of music.


thefacesblur, Partner

‘thefacesblur’ is the moniker of tech renaissance man and emerging producer/DJ & VJ, Adam Graetz. Drawing from progressive, deep, and tech influences, he spins euphoric house and techno that brings people together and keeps the floor moving. While relatively fresh to the world of DJ’ing, Adam has been VJ’ing world-class live stage visuals for over a decade for artists such as 808 State, Machinedrum, Robert Hood, Avalon Emerson, DJ Seinfeld, and Teklife artists.


Marshall Jones, Partner

Marshall Jones got his start in 1999 at Gotham Nightclub in Chapel Hill during the rave era. Quickly gaining knowledge and skills in the booth, he went on to intern with Ovum Records (Orlando) and later Large Music (Chicago). Marshall mentored under such legendary producers and DJs as Roy Davis Jr., Mark Grant, Andre Harris, Jask, and Julius The Mad Thinker, amongst others. He moved back to NC in 2009. Soon after his return, he and longtime friend Dj Nugz formed Sound Cartel and hosted a monthly at Mosaic. Marshall is currently DJing with MI CASA, West Coast Weekender, and more. He also runs the internet-based radio station DANCEGRUV RADIO, which features 58 DJs from all over the world.


Marie, Brand Director

Born in Rochester (NY), raised in South Florida, and now living in Durham (NC), Marie's DJ style blends the booming sound of Miami bass with the subterranean groove of deep house. Bold and self-assured, Marie's sound defies convention. It is expansive and high in energy. It crosses genres and draws partygoers of varying musical tastes.

Marie is a resident DJ and brand director with The Floor.