Foundations: DJ Announced!

Join us for F O U N D A T I O N S, the new monthly 3rd Saturday underground nightlife experience at The Fruit, presented by The Floor.


Kicking off the series is New York based DJ and sonic explorer, Brooklyn English.

Charlotte Von Koetz aka Brooklyn English's main focus relies on eclectic DJ sets influenced by worldwide discoveries made through her trips (recently in Colombia, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, Mexico) as well as from her Music Supervision and Radio Projects. Half Parisian and half German, Charlotte's current New York residency has also included working for Promoter Giant Step which deeply influenced her through acid jazz, world music music, hip hop, or electronic shows. She has a bi-monthly radio show on The Lot Radio in New York called “Brooklyn English,” featuring traditional and contemporary from around the world. She’s interviewed guests ranging from Buchla synth pioneer Suzanne Cianni, Music Producer Clap! Clap!, Can’s Malcolm Mooney, Jazz keyboardist Jason Lindner, to Ghostly international’s founder, Sam Valenti, and more. She often blends these influences in DJ sets at various New York venues, (Home Sweet Home, Moodring, Donna, Achilles Heel, Black Flamingo), at record fairs, and through some of the Disco Tehran parties.

Twitter: @Charlottevkotze
Mixcloud: Brooklyn English